Gray Oak

Shamanic Healing and Workshops in the heart of Somerset

Shamanic Healing

An ancient form of spiritual healing that works on the deepest levels.
Can be undertaken either in person or as distance healing. Also useful for our animal friends
Ancient, yet still very relevant healing for our modern society.



Workshops to build a connection with our inner realms, with spiritual practice and to learn how to Journey - the shamanic ability to 'step' into the hidden realms and interact with our spiritual companions using drums and rattles.

Advice and guidance from Spiritual Companions

If there is something on your mind that you'd like guidance on, this can be sought as a series of questions undertaken on your behalf. It may offer insights or even a ceremony for you to undertake. Includes help on crafting your perfect question, via email service.

Introducing your Power Animal

Power Animals are companions that help you in your day-to-day lives. Though they may appear as an animal,
they are in fact powerful spirit-people who 'walk our path' with us as our advisors, guardians (in some cases),
and teachers. They are our closest allies in spiritual work and everyone has such a companion, from a Shamanic perspective. To be brought into relationship with our Power Animals is to become more in tune with the world
around us and more deeply involved in our lives.


Please do contact me with any questions.

I am based on the Somerset Levels


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